Precious Paws Boutique



Dressing Room

dressing room for pets

Play dress up with your furry family members to find the perfect outfit for them!

Photoshoot Area

photoshoot area for pets

Come in and take advantage of our backdrops to get cute pictures of your furry family members!

Raw Food

Raw dog food, goats milk, bone broth, frozen dog treats

We have the best there is to offer when it comes to raw food. We carry All Provide, Answers, Primal, and Vital Essentials. We also have Primal and Open Farm freeze dried food. In addition to the food we have frozen treats, goats milk, bone broth, and chicken broth. If there is something you want that we don't carry just ask. We will try our best to get it!

Healthy Treats

Healthy Dog and Cat Treats

Don't feel bad about spoiling you pet with treats. We have healthy options for them! We carry limited ingredient treats with ingredients you can pronounce. We have brands like Polka Dog, Jiminys, Earth Animal, Bubba Rose Biscuit Co, Bare Bites, Icelandic+, and Benebone.


Dog and cat pearls

We carry pearl necklaces, bow ties, hair bows, bandanas, ties, and hats. Most of it is handmade!


Dog and cat toys

We have every kind of toy you can think of and more! We even have puzzles to keep your pets occupied for a while so that you can have a break.


Pet carriers and car seats.

We have car seats, travel bags, slings, and even strollers! We also have nifty water bottles with a built in bowl that won't leak on you. 


Pet Clothing

We have an entire wall dedicated to clothing for your furry family member! We carry sizes XXS to 6XL. If your pet is bigger than a 6XL and you really want some clothes we will look and see what we can find for you! We carry brands like Pawmiscuous, Oscar Newman Pet Couture, Barktastic Tees, The Worthy Dog, Canine Brands, and much more!


Dog and cat houses.

For the smaller cats and dogs that just want some me time or get scared of things these houses are pawfect for them! 


Dog and cat beds.

We have crate mats, plush beds, and even cuddle beds. They are all very soft and come in many sizes. 


Dog and Cat Collars

We have regular cat collars and  cat breakaway collars. We carry regular collars, martingale style collars, leather collars, and rope collars for dogs. The pearl collars are strung on 300 lb test coated steel cable so it won't snap when you walk the dog by it. 


Dog Harnesses

We carry harness for cats! For dogs we have over the head harnesses and some of the them are reversible so you get two in one. We also have strap step in harnesses. For dogs with collapsing trachea or any other neck issues as well as back problems we have harnesses that are wonderful and made of leather.  We currently carry Sassy Woof, Pawsitivity Pet Supply, Woof Concept, and Buddy Belts. 


Dog leashes

We have every king of leash you can think of! We have your normal leash in many prints, rope leashes, dual leashes in both non-retractable and retractable, a hands free leash that velcros to anything 3 to 5 inches in diameter, and a hands free waist leash with attachments for the belt. We even have leashes for cats!


Dog spray bark collar.

We carry an elite spray bark collar by PetSafe that senses when the dog barks and sprays citronella under their chin. We also have a Pet Corrector spray that emits a harmless hissing sound that works well with bad behaviors such as jumping on people, stealing food, chasing, and even barking.